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As now of standard of living rise, no matter people is food still had very big improvement in life condition, but also a lot of people suffer from now went up cardiovascular disease, the trend that and cardiovascular disease has year after year rises. Also have a lot of development to the remedial technology of cardiovascular disease at present. Fall to systole is pressed even if compare a kind of commonly used method now, this method harvested more favorable cure result between remedial process.

Fall medicaments of systole pressing first selection

Fall medicaments of systole pressing first selection

Theoretic at present all depressor content have the effect that reduces systole pressing and diastolic pressure, the step-down medicaments that is different sort only lowers both rate somewhat difference just. Jie of lasting effect calcic ion fights an agent (if benzene sulfur is acerbity,the ammoniac chloric n, n that be not subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, saltpetre benzene n accuses commentate piece etc) with diuretic (if indole handkerchief amine, hydrogen is chloric Sai Qin) the first selection medicaments that is systole period hypertension.

Fall medicaments of systole pressing first selection

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Systole presses descendent precautionary measures:

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1. sleeps in the evening head block up, can relieve symptom of low blood pressure.

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When 2. gets up in the morning, answer to change a position adagio, prevent blood pressure to drop suddenly, when standing up cannot abrupt, want face about slowly and case, qu Shen movement does not cross limbs too suddenly fast, mention for example, raise a clog or the movement stands up to want after defecate some slower.

Temperature of 3. bathing water is unfavorable overheatFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, super-cooling, because heat up,reduce blood pressure, cold meeting stimulates blood-vessel and increase high blood pressure. Constant shower circulates with quickening blood, or with cold water, wen Shui is washed alternately sufficient.

4. is hemal to having lower limbs music piece old person You Yi wears elastic hose, tight pants, in order to strengthen vein circumfluence. Constitution thin and small person so that increase hematic size,should drink water more everyday.

5. is not in fuggy or anoxic had stood in the environment long, come on in order to decrease.

Fall medicaments of systole pressing first selection

Hypertensive classification

Hypertension is two kinds big by pathogeny cent:

The first kind is the primary high blood pressure that send a gender (also weigh hypertensive disease)

Occupy the 90% above of all hypertensive patients, it is the pathogeny have not very clear and the; of a kind of independent disease that is main and clinical expression with hypertension

Sex of the 2nd kind of hair that it is afterwards is hypertensive (call semiotic sex hypertension again)

Occupy about 10% , it is certain disease (the disease such as kidney, endocrine) one share performance. Former reason had be notted understand completely, latter is caused by certain disease, if nephritis of chronic kidney spherule, kidney is arterial narrowLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, adrenal wait with the tumour of hypophysis. The primary high blood pressure that send a gender is commonner, happen at more middleaged (35 ~ 40 years old) later, the sicken rate of the male and female does not have apparent difference.

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