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Article introduction

Potato cake is very delicious food, outside we can eat the earthy soya-bean cake with first-rate flavour. If oneself are made,can be below the circumstance, the making method of potato cake has a lot of kinds. Potato cake oneself contains a few starch, do so can have sticky sticky feeling. Homely potato cake need not shortbread is made, meet because of potato oneself sticky together. So potato cake need not how is flour done?

 Potato cake need not how is flour done

1. gets ready eat stuff

2. potato cuts silk to be put into the bowl, infiltrate egg

3. is joined right amount salt and pepper flavor

4. mixes potato silk and egg equably

5. heats up boiler cool oil, fall to mix the potato of divide evenly silk

6. slightly decoct comes a face breaks up to reach another simmer in water after finalizing the design golden, sprinkle some of shallot dust, finishing

 Potato cake need not how is flour done

Practice 2:

Of preparation feed capable person: Tomato patch 3, egg 2, ham, shallot, potato starch 200 grams

Will see regard as way

1, wash clean tomato patch, scrape potato skin, slice, put next dish medium

2, in putting bowl, potato evaporate soft, take next put a little cool, infiltrate egg, agitate even

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3, ham is washed clean, cut end to put be buried ancient stemmed cup or bowl inside, put into starch next

4, shallot cuts end to be put together, joining salt, pepper, mix is even, and put into dough aside

5, bit of oil is wiped on the hand, uncover a potato is round, knead pellet, be in next press into cake, put aside

6, oil is put in boiler, put the earthy soya-bean cake that has made into boiler, small fire slow simmer in water 8 minutes, want among constantly search an area, not decoct was papered

Practice 3:

1.Potato flay is abluent, brush silk to reserve.

2.Salt is added to mix in potato silk divide evenly, souse 10 minutes.

3.Oily pot is a bit hot, small fire. Potato silk leaves boiler, booth is smooth, do not move it, until shape, search an area, decoct comes two sides is golden.

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Pink or starch, rich starch is contained in potato, can make potato silk felt is together. Brush potato silk scarcely to want to wash!

 Potato cake need not how is flour done

Practice 4:

Feed capable person: Little potato 5, egg 2, small sweet green 2 root, chili 1, carrot 1 root, banger 1 root, corn flour salt and vegetable oil are right amount, right amount.


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1. potato flay, wash clean, put into boiler to thoroughly cook, fish out.

2. potato takes the advantage of hot pressing to become potato mud, put cool.

3. banger, chili, carrot cuts man, shallot cuts chopped green onion.

4. feeds these material puts mashed vegetable or fruit of be buried beansShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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In, infiltrate egg, join right amount salt, mix is even.

How many what 5. basis feeds capable person, enter right amount corn flour, mix is even (not too dry oh) .

The boiler since 6. enters right amount vegetable oil, one spoon panada puts the dip after oily heat into pass, booth becomes cake state.

7. decoct comes face cake two sides is golden can.

Practice 5:

1.Potato flay develops land, do not want to wash, brush silk, join bittern very bell

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2.Squeeze with the moisture in silk of hand general potato go out

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3.Heat up boiler cool oil, potato silk is joined after oil is tepid, exert all one’s strength by pressure, the shop must jump over Bao Yue good

4.After the shop becomes one magnify cake, in small fire simmer in water, can gently rock boiler, prevent burnt boiler

5.After 45 minutes, try potato silk to whether be stuck in with scoop together, yes word, take care to retroflexion, decoct other one side, ripe fill go out

Practice 6:

1.Husk tomato patch, brush tiny bit

2.Mix potato silk salt, pepper, catch divide evenly. (The attention is OK in this measure the thing that adds oneself to love to eat according to individual taste, for instance bead of chopped green onion, red bowel, ham, corn, soy, carrot silk) love eats what to add, like the simple way that raw ingredient can say by me.

3.Boiler heats up oil, small fire, potato silk lay open, one side decoct finalizes the design search surface simmer in water again, do not want conflagration, paper easily. If somebody likes,eat scabby can give boiler moment quickly to move conflagration.

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