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Be pregnant to the female it is life the change of the part, so the female takes diet seriously very much after be pregnant, among them chrysanthemum is the food that a lot of people often eat at ordinary times, so after be pregnant whether continue edible, understand together next time below.

Chrysanthemum has San Fengqing to heat up, smooth liver bright purpose effect. With Yu Feng heat feelsA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Risk, have a headache swimmy, eye bare gall, eye eye is dim-sighted. Chrysanthemum one medicine, basically divide Bai Ju, Huang Ju, wild chrysanthemum. Yellow, white two chrysanthemum, have scattered wind heat, smooth liver the effect of bright eye, clear hot detoxify. Pleasant of white chrysanthemum flavour, clear heating power is a bit weak, liver of commonly used Yu Ping bright eye; Yellow chrysanthemum taste is bitter, discharge heating power is stronger, commonly used Yu Shu comes loose wind is hot; Mother chrysanthemum taste is very bitter, the force of clear hot detoxify is very powerful. The bine of wild chrysanthemum, leaf, function and flower are similar, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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No matter to be taken orally and apply, have effect.

Be pregnant can have mum

Pregnant woman is drunk less. Scented tea sex is cool, the person with body empty, lienal empty, cold stomachShanghai Long Feng forum

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Really inside fire is bigger, a few OK a bit drinking weak chrysanthemum tea.

Female pregnancy is very of hardships, the development that adjusts pair of children has been done to have certain help on food so, understanding chrysanthemum pregnancy can eat later, hope daughterShanghai noble baby

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Function notices food is adjusted, have very great help to the child’s development so.

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