CS Online bolts drive of mouse of game of V310 of blind Ju Lei Bai installs education

” fear elite Online instead ” it is the famous game that develops business Valve with American game ” fear elite instead (1. 6 version) ” for the foundation, the FPS network that develops by Korea NEXON swims, appear on the market to also be become between one night by the favour of most FPS player from 8 years squeeze into one of the most welcome game. As ” the espionage in espionage ” classical emersion, CS believes also is a lot of people cannot obtain in life those who be short of is classical. Below small make up the powerful drive macrodefinition that will use Lei Bai V310, let you experience pleasure of acme cause sb’s death by maltreating him to the top of one’s bent!

The friends that often play CS know, if do not practice for long, lack practice and skill of very quick meeting. But a good mouse can be in optimize and your handy lets on intimacy. 20 million the mouse return rate of 1000 engine of laser of A9800 of mouse of game of laser of contest of report of Lei Bai V310, every seconds, 8200DPI, ohmic Long Wei move switch and the key-press contact case that surpass wear-resisting to design hold to game accuse to bring very large dominant position. Notable is, v310 still takes FPS game pattern oneself, through controlling key-press + ongoing side bolts can switch mode, small make up the resolution the mouse to adjust the 400DPI that is used to for the individual, and professional FPS athletics player often is met when the match move DPI very low, because sensitivity is taller, our hand shakes substandard bound element to be able to disturb the essence of the mouse to be spent definitely more. Try in employing a process, key-press tactile impression is good, prevent slippery effect pretty good. The mouse is mobile and smooth, stable essence is accurate when aiming at, did not lose frame, hair to wave phenomenon.

Blind Ju = shows Ju of twinkling of = of lens of lens = twinkling to show Ju. Do not know such experience whether you are like ever similar, feel AWP has aimed at the enemy obviously occasionally, but it is helpless should open lens reopen gun, so a how lengthy process, had died possibly in the enemy grab below. However, blind Ju, do not need. A good blind Ju player cooperates to throw gunman law, can use snipe gun when canister gun, RUSH tactics undertakes in narrow a sector of an area.

And what is grand setting, say simply, grand it is alignment of a command, the command can be the skill inside your skill book, special perhaps grand command. Carry out grand execute many orders, and in before you may want a place for many times.

Drive of Lei Bai V310 does not have the relevant setting of CFonline in grand editor, but the player can build action pattern through grand editor, becoming eligible sharp-shooter is a dream no longer. We are with Ju of one key blind exemple, set a grand order. Above all we define next building oneself in the player a grand command——Ju of one key blind

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