Oculus Rift delivers goods a controversy: Purchase in advance does not deliver goods shopkeeper comes into stock however

Although Oculus delivers goods to the user of Rift of purchase in advance speed is far be inferior to anticipating, but the company still had the retail plan that allows its to get dispute fully again now, let a player go namely 100 think of buy buy Rift.

To a lot of users character, this is the first time opportunity of the VR product that real experience takes the place of to feel dye-in-the-wood. This retail plan explained in the information that releases on firm gain guest.

This plan estimation is true! Although VR product had been fried several years, but we just are true testimony last month when these equipment deliver goods.

If say these retail experiences just allow the first condition of VR of human body check really,still also had calculated, but the problem is not here. Oculus wants an user buying Rift for a short while is understandable, and such word 100 think of buy also can come into stock.

But the problem is Oculus the speed that deliver goods is wife mistress really slow, user of a lot of purchase in advance still is done not have to now take arrive, of some users predict time receiving money had been pushed from April in June, this is too late also!

Oculus expresses by pitch on 100 think of the inn that buy the door to be able to be taken on May 7 a few Rift product, and online shop also can be in Yamaxun and Microsoft to took a few products on May 6.

These products are met for certain before order of purchase in advance delivers goods normally by described as exceeding and finite, I suspect network order also can disappear directly from now on.

Can before this has an user to arrive in the product of own purchase in advance that is to say, you walk into directly 100 thought of the inn that buy the door to buy a Rift? Right. Look now Oculus is so of the plan.

We know user of a lot of purchase in advance still is in waiting for Rift to deliver goods, so we go to these users the opportunity that the retailing shop buys Rift of course welfare of purchase in advance or meeting some, for instance ” EVE: Waerjili ” raise fund the first purchase in advance of bag and Touch handle counterpoises. Begin from May 6, if you are interested, can log onto your order page directly, inform us you had bought Rift from the retailing shop, next the order of purchase in advance that we can cancel you. At the same time your ” EVE: Waerjili ” inside the order history that welfare can appear in you.

If my individual understands, these retail agreements should be had signed lien a long time ago, so the company must be gotten so do. But this user that to yearning for his VR equipment can arrive in time people as good as at pawn one club.

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