Dali street sweethearts is completely naked take a picture dazzle love netizens halloo roll a Yunnan

Small Bo Bo advocate explode makings: [sweethearts is patted in Dali people road naked do not have involuntary discharge of urine according to large scale general view] recently, the men and women that doubt is like a pair of sweethearts filmed in Dali people road a group of large scale are naked according to. In the photograph, below the dim light of night two people are stark-naked, still exaggerated camera lens appears, cannot orthoptic. As we have learned, the people road of Dali is called final Utopia, Utopian.

From the point of the picture, should film in Dali people road when late night person is little, other passerby did not appear in the photograph or surround view masses. Two people go looking glass, one male one female, range estimation 20 come year old, all be long hair, gaunt, especially the girl looks age very small, major photograph is to be in two people film below completely naked condition. Film the ground includes, brigade of youth of the doorway of dining room of a the 4th middle school, late night, Chun Xiaqiu winter abandons people road street, Dali outside. . .

Photograph scale is too large, small make up hit mosaic, him everybody the head fills. Video style, a bit bad to evaluate, going so that seem is literary wind, had deep love for the young associate that sends oneself to look, the firm having a place that lens of deep feeling filter uses.

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