Beijing ferry look forward to is greeted since this year period of time of height of the strongest precipitation why flood season did not come first to rainstorm

On June 22, area of Beijing ferry look forward to is greeted since this year the height period of time of the strongest precipitation, cloudy, heavy rain is torrential, many citizens give a suffocate suffocate, road jams often, seeper of occurrence waterlogging of a few cities, unripe generation got be affected certainly alive. Atmosphere expert expresses, rainstorm has not been over, cannot loosen be on guard. Next pluvial situation how? Why to arrive rainstorm of China north flood season with respect to the swift-footed arrive first?

Beijing netizen types of facial makeup in operas: Had not arrived ” 7 8 on ” China north flood season, why is rainstorm met the swift-footed arrive first? Will this precipitation arrive continuously when?

Compere: 6, 7, August is monsoon of China north ar上海夜网

ea, june is northeast cold eddy, China north cold eddy is active period, if encounter south and maritime lunt to carry,compare good case right now, air of changes in temperature is taken in China north hand in collect, can appear strong rainfall. In addition, beijing showed strong rainfall to 24 sunrise on June 21, can not say to shift to an earlier date than in former years. Beijing came to will appear July June rainstorm is commonner.

According to Beijing atmosphere bureau presiding forecast Introduction Xiong Yajun, process of rainfall of Beijing ferry look forward to from June 21 till 24 days, its characteristic is duration long, accumulate rainfall big, incidence is wide, can bring weather of bureau ground strong convection at the same time.

Beijing area still has 23 days to 24 days showery or thundershower weather. Class c爱上海

an amount to rainfall of accumulative total of major area process rainstorm (60 millimeter come 100 millimeter) , western rainfall of the area northeast is reached before hill big, bureau ground can amount to big rainstorm (120 mill上海夜网

imeter come 180 millimeter) , 40 millimeter reach the biggest small Shi Yujiang 60 millimeter.

Tianjin netizen Sa Huan: Situation of this rainstorm rain is feral, why be especially big rainstorm?

Compere: According to central observatory presiding square Li of the member that forecast introduces, should accumulate rainfall to come for 60 millimeter 100 millimeter, cruel rainfall level is attributed on atmosphere standard, bureau ground will amount to 120 millimeter to come 180 millimeter, it is class of big cruel rainfall. Only day rainfall exceeds 250 millimeter ability to weigh especially big rainstorm. Will look at present, appear this kind of possibility that measures level is lesser, call its so ” especially big rainstorm ” .

But sex of convection of this rainfall process is strong, bureau ground can appear weather of thunder, gale, hail, in can be opposite little river, gangue, reservoir bring a harm, because not be especially big rainstorm,cannot loosen be on guard.

Henan netizen flywheel: North and south just falls together rainstorm, can we resist pressure of flood prevention fight a flood?

Compere: China north area is in encounter rainstorm process while, our country south is being experienced 上海龙凤论坛

new process of round of rainfall. North and south falls at the same time rainstorm, can bring pressure to flood prevention fight a flood, especially in little river faces pluvial pressure, the reservoir with weaker ability of a m上海同城对对碰交友社区

ountainous area prevent or control flood also faces pressure of greater prevent or control flood.

From at present data looks, the brook in much sheds the whole nation to did not appear super- alarm phenomenon, be in only too the Fujian and other places with lake and early days more precipitation appeared to exceed alarm, on the whole flood prevention pressure is no爱上海同城手机版

t particularly big. Nevertheless, and other places of downstream, Changjiang Delta still did not have precipitation in the Yangtse River, the brook in needing to pay close attention to closely flows and a mountainous area reservoir; China north area receives rainstorm process, especially Beijing southwest ministry is taken to Heibei, the geological calamity that wants the brook in paying close attention to closely to shed rainfall flood affection and likelihood to cause. (this period compere Du Fang)

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