Academic sex exposing to the sun invades Nanchang university country incident: The victim already graduated to often send strange trends

On December 19, the netizen explodes on small gain makings say, a schoolgirl invades Nanchang university country by sex of academic assistant dean. On December 20, cover journalist phone interviewed Nanchang university Party committee to publicize ministry undersecretary Li Zhong, the other side expresses, the school received to inform against material, had given at present discipline appoint undertake investigating. And small gain of Nanchang university government, also published corresponding response.

The netizen explodes makings

On December 19, an ID name is the cat that drinks coffee the netizen of 11 explodes in small gain makings say, zhou Mou of academic assistant dean uses Nanchang university country all sorts of name sexes invade a schoolgirl, among them because a schoo新上海贵族宝贝论坛

lgirl is long-term suffer Zhou Mou sex to invade, serious scar appeared to should stimulate response after graduating, be overwhelmed with sorrow, try for many times commit suicide. And after the accident is here unripe, schoolgirl of this fall victim ever tried to Nanchang university country prexy Cheng Mou informs against this matter, however Cheng Mou is after understanding a got-up affair, not only without the help the schoolgirl handles this matter, ask instead country of its attend to academic reputation, appease this matter. After this post is given out, caused netizens instantly surround view, many netizens and school of hope of this school student just investigate this matter, if belong to solid, investigate the duty of this teacher, be like defile, investigate the duty of the person that inform again上海龙凤论坛


The graph occupies a netizen

On December 20, cover journalist interviewed Nanchang university to publicize ministry undersecretary Li Zhong with respect to this matter phone, the other side expresses, school respect had gotten concerned this matter a few inform against material, but had given school age appoint undertake investigating, at present this incident still is in investigation, if have further news,爱上海龙凤419桑拿

can undertake issuance in official channel.

Nanchang university is in explode formerly the response in the comment of makings small gain

So Nanchang university country the institute that what property the institute is after all? Cover journalist ever browsed before this the government-owned net of Nanchang university, but did not find concerned country pertinent information of the institute, that is to say its are not institute of independence of either of Nanchang university subordinate, subsequently, the student that has Nanchang university tells a reporter, accurate for, country academic education orgnaization, however scientific research orgnaization. In Baidu in 100 divisions, academic full name is Nanchang university country Nanchang university country learns an academy, specific I also am not very clear, understand according to me, their undergraduate course and Master one’s status as a student are to return in the College of the Humanities, but not be to follow the student of the College of the Humanities to attend class, they have their teacher, the student there also does not admit he is the student of the College of the Humanities, say oneself are a country of the institute.

In the meantime, the somebody on the net pledges doubt says, why be as long as the sex of 7 months is invaded, just explode to now come out? Whether among what t爱上海龙凤419桑拿

rades, didn’t Zhou Mou achieve the victim’s requirement? Have claim one of insiders know in APP on faceless response this problem says, the victim will be controlled December last year begin nightmare, graduation will leave Nanchang college in June, produced special scar to should stimulate response next, seek the help of psychological orgnaization then. The advisory division of responsible later victim leaves his post, in the meantime, as a result of economic reason, the victim stopped treatment. Later period of time, the victim often sends a few strange trends in his friend circle, if saying also close to balderdash, perhaps send sutra namely, lasted for some time, the bunny picture that still has behead of what, still I think orthoptic strange animal is waited a moment etc. As time more and more draw near inciden上海千花网交友

t is germinant in December, the victim chose to speak out. This insider expresses, the victim professes to speak out, meeting feel better is very much. After seeing this information, cover journalist tried to be contacted with promulgator, but distribute news dispatches till the reporter, the other side was not responded to.

The small gain before this explodes in makings, doubt of scheme of a few pieces of check is like for victim and country the dialog of prexy Cheng Mou, the other side asks the victim considers incident impact, if disclose goes out,weigh this, whole country institute, whole Nanchang university was over. Cover news also publicized a ministry to undertake advisory 上海千花社区

to Nanchang university with respect to this matter, the other side expresses, at present they do not understand a situation, to cut so graph true and false cannot be judged. Yi of cover journalist Shenyang

Original title: Does Nanchang university sex exposing to the sun invade incident: ? Chang Faji of? of bowstring of domesticate of Xiong φ Ji blames dynamic responsibility to edit: Zheng Lili

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