American man should go up 27 years old ten million rich and powerful people is retired 3 weeks cry ” super- dull “

Reported on May 3 according to British media, kadeer is in 36 years old of men of American 27 years old that year, because sell its,the online loan website that establish gains profit 10 million dollar (add up to a RMB about sixty-two million and seventy-seven thousand yuan of上海夜网论坛

) , chose to retire later, open a school everywhere to 爱上海同城论坛

libertinism. Unexpectedly 3 weeks short hind, he discovers emeritus life is super and dull, decide to come back to work afresh.

Ka Deer ever held gaudy to celebrate in Indonesia emeritus. The annulus after he still plans a banquet to end swims the world, can meet a friend now and then. But his plan fails to embark on a journey. 2006, the friends when Kadeer one after returning working station another times, he just discovers his life, dull to the utmost. The decision goes back go to work, and founded a new project. Ka Deer says, although become,I realize an entrepreneur have pressure very much, also can feel very pained sometimes, but do some of thing that to people life the front affects action to want to compare all the day faineant more contented.

Moment of Ka Deer teen-爱上海同城论坛

age began to do poineering work. Because Teluoma is taken,becoming him still is Santiago wave only scatter strap an university (Point Loma Nazarene University) when the student of 2 grade, built heaven of baby of online commerce website (BabysHeaven) , basically offer infantile articles for use.

When he is 22 years old this business the price work off with thousand阿拉爱上海同城

s of dollar. Subsequently, ka Deer began another project: Client shop (Client Shop) . This website can help people find optimal loan in order to buy house property. After 5 years, ka Deer sells his go out and gain profit ten million, immediately changes body rich and powerful people.

Ka Deer says: I and additionally two copartner use the knowledge that when I do infantile things business, accumulates to new project, let it become the dimensions that grows millions dollar quickly one year in the head. At that time, I bought a truck, opening it to come home next the father and mother that visits me. My mom was psyched out at that time, she thinks I am in peddle poison. What is she understands Inte爱上海龙凤419桑拿

rnet not completely still in those days, also do not know how to make money legally with it.

Ka Deer’s mother is in subsequently first phase ” fortune ” the picture that him son saw on magazine cover, the caption on the side is writing Qiaoenkadeer to sell client shop website, price exceeds 10 million dollar. Ka Deer says, the thing that just does to me since her thenceforth takes great pride.

When Kadeer decides return duty field, what he thinks of above all is the website of numerous bag type that should found a masses to comment on an enterprise. But he discovered Yelp(screams later, the United States is the biggest comment on website) , abandoned then at the outset plan, the dining-room customer loyalty that built finally to face meal job spends Mogl of administrative application process, this program can help dining-room make effective faithfulne上海夜网

ss spend award to plan with adding dining room later guest, replace then issue dozen fold the tradition such as coupon or electronic coupon to detain a guest method.

The Kadeer after doing poineering work 9 years once more states he does not regret. He says, I learned how happy, also know become an entrepreneur and money to do not have a relation, and depend on its consequence. We have paragraph epic the brilliant history like, I am extremely happy. Although can buy joy,I know money, but it is finite brief joy merely just. Struggled 16 years, I just perhaps created larger force finally. If do not have the emeritus, most significant to me issue in realizing the life at the outset, I miss this opportunity probably. (Letter lotus)

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