[when Lian Yuga] how does athletic _ exercise _ of _ gem gal – of _ motion method

Article introduction

The time that when gem gal lover practices gem gal, can choose secure paragraph inside, such nurturance after regular habit, can practice the effect inside such time the meeting is a few quicker, but when Lian Yuga is appropriate, the be fond of of lover of every gem gal is actually different, the time of the exercise is different also, need masters the word of good time, still need to understand the note that a few gem gal practice, introduce in detail below.

When Lian Yuga is appropriate

Gem gal needs hollow exercise. Practice hour of before gem gal 2 hour, second half, had better not take food, because practice the blood when gem gal be being centered in local muscle or organ, the blood that reduced peptic allocates, the blood that brings about gastric bowel is less, gastric motivation is poorer, the influence is digested to alimental and absorb thereby.

Should the body circumstance according to oneself, choose suitable form of characters or letters. For example the body gets hurt, suffer from disease and be pregnant or period female, some form of characters or letters do not suit an exercise. For instance pregnant woman does not suit to make the motion of oppressive abdomen, period female should prevent handstand, spread abdomen and oppose transition action, and the person that the body gets hurt should understand beforehand more certain the appropriate avoid of gem gal movement, do not light fat for pursuit and cause harm to the body.

The exercise with healthy nurturance is used to. The decorations such as the watch when the exercise, glasses, ring should get off entirely;Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Do not bathe immediately after exercise gem gal, becauseShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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After practicing Wan Yuga, the body can be in more exalted position, if undertake the meeting that wash bath makes blood-vessel outspread immediately, impose heavy heart burden.

A lot of person selected reduce weight with all sorts of methods, but great majority ends with failing, investigate its reason, it is you did not find the thin body cause that suits your. Gem gal looks behavioral light delay, can not look down upon it to use up caloric effect. Want you to insist to practice gem gal 10 minutes everyday only, let gem gal make the way of life of your individuation, supervise and urge at any time and place your thin body behavior1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, will surely cast off fat trouble thoroughly.

Gem gal practices 10 minutes at least everyday, how to allocate 10 the most effective minutes? Work busily everyday and live, make us very difficult take out paragraphs of big free time to practice gem gal probably, but should be good at arranging only, in different time paragraph squeeze a gal of 10 minutes of exercise gem, can rise to light the action of fat thin body likewise.

(After 1) morning gets up: Practice gem gal 10 minutes in the morning, can allow have one’s head screwed on the right way quickly, make the body gains sufficient groundNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Extend, and can raise metabolization rate, let the body begin to had made thin body preparation from in the morning, daylong red-blooded with self-confidence.

(Before 2) has a meal midday: Noon 10 minutes of gem gal, give plod one morning the body and cerebra loosenLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Opportunity, can eliminate exhaustion not only, and can give the body energy, decrease absorb alimental desire.

When Lian Yuga is appropriate, actually gem gal needs to had mastered specific time paragraph, namely Lian Yuga when should see what time the most appropriate, when when having, gem gal movement practices if dominate bad time, the gymnastical result that reachs since also is unfavorable, for can a very fast effect, still be a few above time Duan Lian review is first-rate.

(3) comes off work after coming home: Because of dusk time body very extend, suit to finish can burn more quantity of heat, use up more and adipose more difficult form of characters or letters, the action burning fat that allows one day reachs climax level.

(Before 4) sleeps in the evening: Before sleeping 10 minutes of gem gal, conduce to Morpheus quality rise. Before sleeping, coming after dinner is the body when adipose activity force is relatively exuberant, the motion before sleeping can invite these thin bodies ” the enemySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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” nowhere hides.

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