[if where him Lian Yuga] how does athletic _ exercise _ of _ gem gal – of _ motion method

Article introduction

As modern society the economic pressure of people is greater and greater, a lot of friends also can appear more cautious in expenditure money side. And the gem gal house that boards in the ave to those, the friends with bad condition of a few economy practice into the house without method, so they want to search the means method that can allow their to practice gem gal in the home. Because how this is him home Where is Lian Yuga? Be aimed at this problem, next time asks friends to discuss with me together.

If where him Lian YugaFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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1, tell from exercising angle, holding to an exercise everyday is best. If the job is busy,also should practice twice at least every week, every time time should be in 1 ~ between 2 hours, such ability assure to practice the effect. If practice in the home, just should meet in 30 minutes of above at least effects is apparent. If do not have enough time, can practice tone ceasing or contemplative ten minutes.

2, should wear the cotton with suck sweat, permeability comfortable, good qualitative or hemp is qualitative dress, jacket wants fit, so that complete the action of a few contrary to reason or one’s expectation. Trousers had better be chalaza, not be elastic. More popular now pure cotton adds Lai to block the dress of quality of a material, also be a better choice.

3, exercise gem gal need not wear a shoe, barefoot can. Barefoot can loosen double leg on one hand, enhance sole perception to spend, massage extruding is thenar acupuncture point; on the other hand, soleSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Facilitate with the attrition force of the ground the posture action that completes gem gal, the exercise that balances especially. Of course, if weather is colder, also can put on sock exercise.

4, time of exercise of gem gal first-rate is before early morning, breakfast, it is to be after the dusk or meal next 3-4 the hour practices. Other time also can undertake, but should keep hollow or digest (completelySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Digestive food) junior travel. As to contemplative, can choose to controlled an exercise at 4 o’clock in late night or before dawn. If you do not have period of time to center an exercise, also can be exercise cent a few paragraphs even ten paragraphs, the time that has 5 minutes can practice 9 gem gal pose or undertakeForum of Shanghai night netShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Tone ceases: Contemplative, such one the world will also was equivalent to attending class of a gem gal.

Content of a few paragraphs of characters is above we introduced in detail how to be him home Lian Yuga, inForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
This friends that I hope heartily to have this respect demand can read the content above seriously, just have to this doubt in the heart thereby belong to oneself distinctive opinion and more skilled control. Him protection should be known in I or the process that gem gal practices in hoping everybody is in the home of course, such gift are nicer the muscle that avoids to pull oneself and joint.

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