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Love the muscle of the pace of female friend leg that take exercise, can compare generally speaking much, if friend of this kind of female means the word of thin leg OK, common when make couchant motion a few times more, still need to notice food at the same time.

How muscle leg is thin


Hit loose strong crus.

Think leg of thin and small actually, the muscle that should check him crus first is flabby still be take up. If the word of muscle take up, should thin can compare difficulty. So principal thin crus plans, want to be begun by the crus fat that hits a pine to bear fruit.

The method is as follows:

1. is ferial can sit on the ground, become drive up of a foot right angle, flap with fist crus, every edge can do 5 minutes.

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Might as well in using the bath salt on market to put bath crock, let crus immerse for some time, can loosen muscle relax. Flapped action also should have in crus after dip bath ends, quickly1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Blood circulates.

How muscle leg is thin


Next crouching

1. crouchs up and down, mix every morning 100 in the evening, keep even breath

After 2. is heated up with towel gourd put on the skin, be beaten with the hand and massage, strength bears with oneself to allow – wash with Wen Shui next – stimulative blood circulates – nurse with dimension E next (10 yuan of money are controlled)

3. is taken the advantage of when brushing one’s teeth, can fluctuate foot of remember with concern, hold to a few times everyday.

4. innocently when, can carry crural in the future, stimulative blood circulates.

Ham: Crouch partly, the left and right sides shakes leg, hold to 1-2 minute, look how to be pulled. If can hold toShanghai night net

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, had better hold to 5 minutes, hold even breath nevertheless.

How muscle leg is thin


Strengthen disappear fat to tighten up motion.

Begin when crus loose come down (or the) with inherent flabby crus, below one round job reducing weight, it is to strengthen disappear fat to tighten up the effect, daily and OK do some control body movement.


On the platform that the front park of 1. foot removes high, the foot is pressed downward as far as possible.

2. next crus exerts oneself to do sth. up since stand on tiptoe, make whole person rise.

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Rhythm ground repeats this to cover an action, do 20-30 second, exert all his strength as far as possible since stand on tiptoe, next pressing, it is better to achieve result of ache having a place. CanFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The hand helps stay up to go up, in order to poise.

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