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Article introduction

Zhongzi of sweetened bean taste is to belong to a sweetmeat, compare in dragon boat festival especially common, be be made by polished glutinous rice, sweetened bean taste and zhongzi leaf place and become, taste not only delicious, and quantity of heat of OK still and compensatory body, it is the delegate of traditional culture more, the recipe of zhongzi of sweetened bean taste is very simple also, make very economic also time.

The zhongzi of recipe sweetened bean taste of zhongzi of sweetened bean taste is done so more delicate

The material that make

Advocate makings: Polished glutinous rice 2000 overcomeShanghai Long Feng forum

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The zhongzi of recipe sweetened bean taste of zhongzi of sweetened bean taste is done so more delicate

Complementary makings: Bare red bean 500 overcome

Condiment: Lardy (leaf fat) 250 grams, bai Sha candy 100 grams, liquor 5 overcome


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1.red bean abluent, add water immersion into boiler, the fire that use flourishing boils 3 hours of;

2.Again stew of make down fire 1 hour, wait for red bean crisp after rotting, enter; of a basket for washing rice in

3.Magnify below a basket for washing rice in basin, keep pushing with the hand brush crisp sodden red bean;

4.At the same time water from drench slowly inside a basket for washing rice in, till fine sweetened bean tasteForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Flow entirely till;

5.the fine sweetened bean taste that drenchs quiet inside the basin place is controlled 15 minutes, a bamboo or wicker fence goes the Yu Shui above, become; of sweetened bean taste namely

6.flay of pig leaf lard, iron a bit cut small-scale, join a few liquor to mix divide evenly;

7.White sugar of the rejoin after 5 minutes mixes divide evenly, mix into enters sweetened bean taste, hold a diameter 4 centimeters, the; of core of stuffing of sweetened bean taste that grows 6 centimeters

8.Clean out polished glutinous rice clean, drop goes moisture, leaf extraction Zong 3 ~ 5, ; of form of roll into funnel

9.Join polished glutinous rice 20 grams, put into stuffing, build polished glutinous rice again 20 grams, use Zong Xie Bao to tighten next, with; of cotton thread pitch

10. zhongzi enters boiler, add clear water immersion, 3 hours or so are boiled on flourishing water, become zhongzi of sweetened bean taste namely.

The gist that make

Should taste leaf of Zong requiring equipment, cotton thread each are right amount.

Raw material recipe

(Do 20) polished glutinous rice 900 gram sweetened bean taste 250 grams water 250 grams are saccharic 750 grams salt 8 grams are lardy 20 Zhu Xie bind 60 Ke Tian chestnut 20 pieces the rope of the zhongzi 10 meters

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The zhongzi of recipe sweetened bean taste of zhongzi of sweetened bean taste is done so more delicate

Cany basket chooses the tailor-made handicraft that exports Ou Zhou oneself. Make excellent, meticulous, it is a beautiful handicraft, have practical function again, combination of each flavour zhongzi is filled inside, guileless, decorous, easy, give sb a present is very special really, alleged ” Zong of Zong midday a married woman’s parents’ home, ceremony Zong situation is more serious ” .

The method that make

1. polished glutinous rice is advanced bathe is clean a day nightSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Hind, put in water to immersing, in the 20 ~ before wanting to do a zhongzi 30 minutes of drop go moisture.

2. is frying pan inside, add water to reach saccharic each 250 grams, the boil such as rejoin salt, pour sweetened bean taste to enter boiler, boil solid shape with medium baking temperature. Join lardy, mix adequately fry even, because scorch easily, want to note igneous size at any time so, try to flip through constantly with wooden meal spoon.

3. the sweetened bean taste that has fried take inside boiler oneself, immediately lay open is cooling, cent is become 20 wait for a portion. chestnut the cent of a bead is put in 20 in waiting for a portion, rise chestnut bag with sweetened bean taste form of make it pill.

4. Zhu Xie is wiped clean with wet cloth, prepare the string that ties a zhongzi.

5. bamboo leaf make it conic shape. It is good that group of polished glutinous rice, sweetened bean taste each 2 big spoons, obedient foreword puts a package, reoccupy cord binds the zhongzi rise.

6. binds 5 zhongzis a bundle, put into boiling hot water, lid of the boiler on the lid boils a hour. Boiling during, want to notice water is measured at any time, insufficient when, must n/HON be unworthy of the honor add hot water, make the zhongzi maintains constantly in high wet position1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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