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Pregnant woman should notice to just go all the more in dietary respect, of a few raw or cold food, stimulating food had better not eat, in just living, a little accurate mom hears bamboo charcoal pink is good to the body, want to buy a few will eat. The fact proves, bamboo charcoal pink does not have the advantage in expect, cannot contact body endotoxin at all, also do not have any sanitarian functions, accordingly pregnant woman had better not eat.

Can pregnant woman have bamboo charcoal white?

One, bamboo charcoal food cannot contact body endotoxin at all

No matter be activated carbon or bamboo charcoal, cannot byFall in love with the sea

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Human body is absorbed, cannot arrive blood, more cannot arrive to be organized all over.

Exist really inside our body suppose ” harmful material ” , they also are arise in cellular metabolization. These ” toxin ” the mobile contrail inside body is enter blood from the cell, arrive at a kidney again, or classics kidney filters from the eduction in make water, or as haemal circumfluence.

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In other words, “Toxin ” in returning enteron without the opportunity at all, and activated carbon must want with be contacted directly by adsorptive content ability is effective. So, to ” the harmful material inside body ” or ” haemal toxin ” , activated carbon also can make dozen of sauce in enteron only, bamboo charcoal wears bowel to pass, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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“Toxin ” still stay inside body.

Can pregnant woman have bamboo charcoal white?

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2, bamboo charcoal food does not have sanitarian function

Some is planted food alleges have function of some kind of health care, must pass a nation the examination of relevant section. Limits is examined and approve in the function that at present health food examines and approve in, do not include to suck the poison inside appendages about bamboo charcoal foodSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The relative standard of element, and even if is to serve as health food, also shouldA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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It is some is planted particular product, is not some kind food.

Bamboo charcoal is contained in some kind of product, it is to serve as product group likely square, and be not product raw material. Bamboo charcoal has certain adsorptive sex really, but appendages endotoxin can be sucked certainly after this does not mean its to enter human body and subsequently outside eduction body, bamboo charcoal food is exaggerated conduct propaganda of the businessman, charcoal of even if bamboo has this function, but also prove without scientific test at present.

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